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I'm a Lead UX Designer, Researcher and Facilitator on the IBM Data & AI team, with 7 years of experience shipping meaningful solutions for complex enterprise problems. I have worked in a number of domains, like AI, business intelligence, financial planning and analysis, and data visualization.


With increasing UX maturity across most industries and rapidly changing technologies like AI, I believe it is an exciting time to be a designer! I’m keen to continue advocating for the principles of good design and transforming innovations into purposeful human experiences.

I'm happiest when I'm diving into a new challenge or connecting with people directly, either on user interviews or facilitating client workshops. I'm passionate about mentoring and social impact issues and volunteer often through IBM's Corporate Social Responsibility programs. 

When I'm not designing software, you might find me knitting, gardening, painting or cooking.

Professional achievements


Patent filed (P201900647US01)  - Sep 2019

Managing Hypercube data structures - an optimal arrangement of dimensions in a data cube.

Pro-bono Strategy Consultant - Santiago, Chile - Oct 2018

Through a highly competitive selection process, I was honoured to be selected for a Corporate Service Corps project team.

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